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Container Condition Guide

All shipping containers are made overseas and are built to hold up to 60,000 pounds stacked on a ship up to 12 high!

Wind/Water Tight:
This is a common standard used by container traders to classify containers that do not have a valid CSC Plate for shipping. Although watertight, these containers are not suitable for shipping and are retired from merchant marine.. Will have dents dings. Exterior stickers damaged paint some rust.

Refurbished Containers:
Our refurbished containers are a perfect choice for custom storage. These Wind and Watertight containers are repaired to good floor condition, all holes welded watertight, the seals are repaired if needed, the locking mechanisms and door hinges are repaired to working condition and the exterior is painted toy your color choice.
Some dents will be apparent and container is not suitable for maritime use.

One Trip:
One trip containers are manufactured overseas; mainly in Asia and are shipped with a single container cargo load. Once the container reaches its destination they are often available for sale. These containers are an excellent choice because they have not spent time deteriorating on the ocean or in a container depot / terminals. One trip containers have not been handled as many time so they do not have dents, dings and surface rust like used “AS IS” containers. Most consider these containers and often refer to them as “new” or in “like new” condition. Keep in mind that these containers have made one trip across the ocean and have been handled by container lifts and trucks so they often have a few scratches and a possible dent or two. Call for best deals.

Cargo Worthy:
Very good condition capable of getting a seagoing inspection certificate. Absolutely wind and watertight. All holes (if there have been any) have been properly and fully repaired. No dents over 50mm deep. Good floor with no breakages. Doors easily open to the full 270 degrees and all locking bars, cams, saddles, retainers, handles and seals are in good condition. These containers are suitable for export or food transport.